The "Tracking" for each order is emailed to you the day your order is shipped.


Our goal is to package and ship all orders within 24 to 72 hours.
There are times during heavy volume periods,
when orders can take longer to process.
So, please plan ahead and Order Early.

We appreciate your business...THANK YOU.

Most orders are shipped by UPS.
Some orders are shipped by Priority Mail,
depending on who gives the Best Service to your area.

All Military APO orders are shipped by US Mail.
We are shipping many orders every week
to our Troops all around the world
using APO Addresses.
APO orders are billed at the standard Domestic Rate.
Remember all your friends,
that are serving our Country in the Military
by shipping them a Candle Gift Order.

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"The heart of everything we make is the Fragrance"
Colors may vary slighty from batch to batch.